(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Hamilton, ham, an, tan, it, not, no, am, in, aim, tail, hail, nail, mail, Mali, Ali, hat, hit, hot, MOT, to, at, man, Tom, on;
To change the world with your thinking! !
From the north to the south,
And from the east to the west;
Practically relevant with the muse of your love in this town and, with your teachings along the line.
The muse of love and the muse of life,
With thew muse of the dry fruits!
At different places in the world today as mankind searches for peace without a positive solution;
Particularly relevant to mankind;
With an eye contact on your swet love in the land of beautiful flowers.
The muse of life and the muse of love,
To fill the vacuum and to share your experiences with others on this earth;
However, identifying yourself very uniquely to the world so sweet by doing the right thing always with the laws as your guide.

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