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Hand In Hand

We walk through life together.
Hand in hand.
Two independent souls connected to each other.
We are sharing the wondrous journey of life and love.
Growing and learning through our love.

I cannot imagine you not in my life.
My joy would not be as great if not shared with you.
My burdens would be too heavy without your support.

The future we cannot know.
Nevertheless, whatever may come I know I want you by my side.

The only promise I can make to you.
Is that I will love you with all my heart and soul.

When we are apart, part of me is missing.
When we are together, you inspire and help me find the gold in life and people.

Thank you for sharing your love with me.
It is the most treasured gift I have ever received.

Words cannot express my feelings for you.
My love for you will be with without end.
Moreover, it will continue long after we have left this earth

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