Can't you be proud of whom you are?
Envying others you always dare
Daydreaming while driving your car
You kept longing for a star
Seeking happiness in the future
Regretting its lack in the past
For the present unable to project
Self satisfaction you never nurture
Have you specified your aim so far?
Speculating how your greed to mar
You were driving fast to the fair
To wake up stuck to a wheel chair
You are no longer who you were
With only two ways to head for
Daydreaming about who you were
Or believing in the new person you are
Ponder on your interior not on a mirror reflection
Exploit your inner power with your volition
Make not others' lives your aim
Enjoy YOUR life despite limits of animation
Don't make of your life a fictive pantomime.

by Houda Boukassoula

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