LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

Handicap Access

I have often been told, when I get to heaven I won't need my
wheelchair. That got me a wondering. If it's true that God don't
make mistakes, and He created me with s disability, then why won't
I need my wheelchair when I get to heaven? If I'm not a mistake
then there's nothing God needs to do to heal me. I have heard there's
a stairway to heaven, and my faith let's me believe that heaven
also got handicap access. Furthermore, I'm not worry whether or not
heaven's got handicap access. I just hope to get their when I pass
on. I was born with this disability and I'm going to die with it.
And if God allows me into heaven I have faith that the pearly gates
got handicap access.

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I like it. I know it's not really a poem, but I really like it. My Stepdad is paralyzed. And I used to get tired of all the people saying they were sorry that he was in a wheelchair. He would always respond with Don't be, I'm not. It's not a disability. my Step Dad still does all the things he did before he got hurt. So Thank you For Helping people understand It. Wrath~