Categorized by intellect; Cataloged by handicap.
Molded by genes and sperms.
Chosen few, geniuses – Born to rule the world.
Special malady – Born for the world to rule them.
Why these differences? You created us all.
And we cannot question You.

Ace athletes; sprint as fast as the wind,
Spin a ball to grab that winning point.
Some doomed in a wheelchair from the time they are born.
You are the Supreme Force! Why this preference.
Can we question You?

Fancied beauties, win the diamond crown.
But hideous faces, scarred for heavenly reasons,
Shun the mirror, unable to see their mangled plight.
Were they Paradise favorites, before you gave them form?
You are the All Sufficient. Why discriminate?

Some create music – sing hymns in Your praise.
But what about the muted beings, and who cannot hear the chimes?
Some sketch the flora; through the lens shoot Mother Nature.
Yet some rotate in pitch dark - black is all they see.
Why the partiality, blinding my friends?

Deformed yet noble humans!
They are God’s special beings.
The only language they know is - love.
We shut our eyes to their existence.
Cannot perceive their silence.
We dispense them as useless.
Why do we belittle these Special Angels?
Because, Handicap are we, who cannot see them whole


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A very special poem, would like to share with twitte and other social media. Another poem inspired me to write more. Thanks for sharing.
A positive and powerful perspective that is absolutely thoughtful and touching!
I so agree with your words, handicapped are we...These special beings to me are differently abled...With that in mind, they are not so different. I thank you for this great message Roop Rekha Bhaskar...Excellent poem.....
Poem for the Special Angels. An eye opener for those so called normal human being but HANDICAPPED. He the Creator, He the Benefactor, He the Destroyer.........all the three action by He are part of balancing act to keep the system in motion, hence the system servived for millions of years and will servive for millions of years. Hence He the all powerful, He the unquestionable. However, if those three acts are takenover by human being then it is tragic and end of humanity. Ruler become unruly, Beauty get mangled, Music become mute and start seeing everything dark and colourless. You said it correctly that they are the real handicapped lot and not the Special Angels
This is a one special poem that has asked one fundamental question: why this differences? Why are some born with deformity and others are not? Why are some born rich and others poor? Etc. Thanks dear for raising the questions.
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