In The Dark

This is not what I wanted,
this is not what I asked for.
This is not what I desired,
certainly not what I dreamed of.

It's so different, so strange.

I don't know what's going on,
don't know why it is so.

It's happening so fast, so soon.

I'm trying with everything I've got.
Harder and harder, each day everyday.
But nothing's happening, nothing's changing.

I'm just going deeper and deeper.
It's so dark here, so cold.

I'm looking for a sign,
searching for a sound.

Something. ANYTHING!

But there's nothing I can see, nothing I can hear.

I feel like crying, and yet I'm trying.

I'm holding out my hand,
for something to touch,
something to grab on.

Or someone,
to pull me out back in the light.
But I grab nothing.
Nothing but air, dark air...

I can't see the light, can't find the way.

And here I am, still,
in the dark...

by Richard Howardson

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