If hands could speak
Or better yet just yell
Some would weep
Or better yet just peel
The many things they feel
The broom when you sweep
The steering wheel
When you are driving around in a jeep
The weapons used to kill
The substance swallowed, the pill
They are with you even when you sleep
some used for deeds that are ill
Like the wrong touch of murder
Some used for deeds that heal
Like the strong touch of a mother
Big or small still
They are mine used to get a meal
Some say three or four would have been
a better deal
I laugh and tell them please be real
My silent two friends
That help me make amends
That help me tie up loose ends
I love my hands
They participate in all my plans
The most active members in the band
The most active body members counting
Things i have held in my hands
They are uncountable like sand
With them i have felt new lands
With them i have counted every grain of
times sand
With them i have felt my body expand
When i feel pain they are the first things
that land
So far away from my body, the islands
The protectors
The offenders
The builders
The destroyers
Put your hands together for your hands.

by Funkekeme Akposeye

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Thank you so much for the kind words @ G. Akanji Olaniyi
Very thoughtful and meaningful!