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Hands Of Crimson

my hands that reap,
stained with crimson,
crawling out of nowhere,
I stand risen.

leakage in my chest,
bondage against my bare ankles,
a chain that links me head to toe,
reminds me of you so.

tainted with fear,
tamed me with sorrow,
and despair.
lay me out to dry,
with no
of loving this
soul at any time..

This vessel cannot withstand the withdraw,
the warmth in this soul,
has diminished in increments.
while it has dawn upon me,
no routes of escape,
scrambling to break free,
with dignity still intact,
I held my head high,
bowed out with
my incognito disguise,
as I feel your arms tethering
it's way around me..

as I breathe in,
I can feel the empty,
fill in the sanctuary,
left over,
from where you left me.

my hands of crimson..
marks my latest territory.

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