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Hands Of Time

If I could turn back the hands of time,
I know now that I really would,
I would then go to that special time,
The time that I could of known you.
As I have prayed, that I only could.
I would go when the roses where in bloom,
And their fragrant scent was in the air,
Never for me would the time be to soon,
As then would I compare your beauty to theirs.
Roses would be jealous, at you I would stare.

If I could turn back the sands of time,
I would do it in the wink of an eye,
I would gladly give all, only to be with you,
Then never again would we have to cry.
And from our woes, we could forever hide.
I close my eyes and I paint me a picture,
As if I could turn back the hands of time,
Together we would be, just you and me,
And then watch of time I would never rewind.
We would then be one in our own special time.

If I could turn back the movements of time,
I would gladly, but sadly that can never be,
As time marches on, through the dusk and dawn,
Till the day our souls and bodies are free.
For time doesn't stop, for any one mans plead.
I stare at the calendar upon my wall,
I memorize the watch that's rests on my wrist,
I think now how time has already passed me by,
So then to myself and time, I make a special wish.
I close my eyes, I freeze time, then I blow you a kiss.

Randy L. McClave

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