Hands Up!

The beautiful hands said, 'Hands up! '
His colorful days then began
A smooth land on a smooth runway
A soft touch on a soft hand
Gentle Kisses on a gentle silk
Praises and promises; manly attempts
Fingers' modeling, palm's pose
Stares were mere a glance
What a rainbow life was that!

Then once passing by an accident site
He was stopped
By a parted female hand
Found in scattered blood
Few glimpses meant a lot
Then no more dare to view
An inside scream, an inside tremble
Tried to hide the timorous feelings
The frightening site challenged him
Manhood was under attack
He never thought of defeat
So, left the spot soberly
A great hands-down move
Now he doesn't praise
His beloved's beautiful hands

by Yasir Farooq

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This poet seems to dwell upon the bubble-like existence of physical charm