Handsome You

Handsome you
Why did I not see
You would interrupt my life
Send all seeds blowing
Like a dandelion wish
Upwards, outwards, til finally
No longer there

Handsome you
How did I blindly follow
All the pretty pictures
Of mountains and misty eyed lovemaking
Without noticing you were packing your boxes
All the while

Handsome you
When will I learn that nothing
Is nothing new
Once love tiptoes away in the early day fog
I have grown so used to goodbyes
With you
Never have I said it so many times
To one man, knowing I never truly meant it
To be our last
I liked to say 'See you soon'
Simply because I could not see me
Not loving you longer

Handsome you
We were so pretty together
Every waitress in every diner told us so
I believed their every word
In your hand, mine felt small
But it fit just right
Now I have to hope you are running so fast
With such energized cylinders
That you forget you'd like some dark haired beauty
To settle against your back
I fool myself into a hiatus reprieve
Back to sketching charcoal images of the you
I so wanted to cocoon with
'See you soon'...With enough salted tears
To overflow my Atlantic Ocean

by Susan Lacovara

Comments (2)

Mesmerizing, intriguing from start to finish. amazing writing
You cannot break an artist's heart without creating a mosaic. This piece makes me want to close the door softly, tiptoe away, and sigh in the darkness once out of earshot. Love it! :)