As the morning sky turns blue
My first thoughts are all of you
How I’ll love you for the rest of my days

As I lay here by your side
You are both my joy and pride
As so comfortably, together we laze

And as the day passes quickly by
I feel that I could cry
And I know that you are happy too

For we two are as one
Full of love and of fun
We still share everything we think and do

Now the blueness starts to fade
The Sunset is on it’s way
And the colours of the eve invade the sky

Even when we’re old and grey
I will love you night and day
Ever more so as the years swiftly fly

For I know that you are here
And you will dry my silly tears
And always keep me safe from fear and from harm

I reach out and touch your face
You’re full of gentleness and grace
I cannot wait to have you in my arms

As the sky now turns to fire
`We are burning with desire
And our emotions steal away all sense

Now the sky is flaming red
Anticipation fills my head
And our feelings are incredibly intense

As the sky changes hue
I give heart and soul to you
I give thanks to the good Lord up above

At the end of the day
l will kneel and I‘ll pray
That the sun never sets on our love
May there be no sunset on our love
May there be no sunset on our love

by Pauline Clifford

Comments (3)

What would we do without them. Wonderful story to read. Classic. Love Ernestine XXX
I don't know of any town in the world who doesn't have this kind of handy man - - if they are lucky! ! Love the lightheartedness of this poem, dear Rosie. You have such a jolly outlook, and I enjoy it so....Scarlett New Granny Treat
I have met men like this and I have been a man like this.This is so light hearted.Brilliant fun.Thankyou so much.Love Duncan