Get Together

i being the
the bole of Earth
u the cirrus of
the distant Sky..
gap between us
beyond horizon.

who can get
us together.? ?

neither age, nor fall
neither flower nor color
not even
the Almighty.! !

But i get drenched
with the first shower
of rain winter,
the redolence of
wet bole makes us together..

i am the water,
you are the moon
of distant Sky..
farness between us
is infinite borderless
can never touch you
yet dream to be with you

who can get
us together.?

neither blow nor fly
neither sunny nor rainy
not even Almighty.! !

But when the
moon appears
in the sky..
i can view as well
as touch you.

by Rinku Nayak

Comments (3)

What would we do without them. Wonderful story to read. Classic. Love Ernestine XXX
I don't know of any town in the world who doesn't have this kind of handy man - - if they are lucky! ! Love the lightheartedness of this poem, dear Rosie. You have such a jolly outlook, and I enjoy it so....Scarlett New Granny Treat
I have met men like this and I have been a man like this.This is so light hearted.Brilliant fun.Thankyou so much.Love Duncan