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Hanere Vich Sulagdi Varanmala
Surjit Paatar (14 January 1945 - / Patarh Kalan, Jalandhar district, British Punjab / India)

Hanere Vich Sulagdi Varanmala

When do I say don't ask for justice?
Or, for your rights, do not fight?
But recoginze the enemy
And don't sever your own limbs

Do not dishonor your wings
In this unnecessary flight
Against sorrows we have to fight
Against poverty we have to fight
Those who exploit with the pretext of protection,
We have to fight against them

I offer my life on the edge of your sword
Who can refuse its importance?

Take care of it, keep it well burnished
Keeps its edge well honed
In the darkness writing light
Keep it like a blaze for fire
There are times when
The sword alone is a scribe

Yet why walk the distance already walked
The road ahead is sufficiently heavy?

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Comments (1)

This is an enjoyable paraphrase of Gadhi's doctrine. I especially enjoyed two lines: Those who exploit with pretext of protection We have to fight against them And really how many of them there are for countries like mine and yours!