Hang In There, Little One

I saw your image...
...distinct as the lucid moon.
Saw you arch, saw you stretch those long legs
As if in anticipated jubilance to greet the world
awaiting you on the outside.

The other onlookers smiled at me in reassurance
and told me you are a fighter
and told me the rest is up to me to guard your safety now.
Yet today, I do not wear that armour well
For in my anguish of life's battle field
I wane in strength to stand against the enemy called pain

My heart knows not how to clothe myself Always For Battle.
All that I feel hurts you, too, little one
And life has been dealing me a horrible blow
But I am trying...
I am praying...
I am seeking every weapon needed to fight for your safety

Hang in there, little one
I am making every attempt to hang in there, too.

by Marguerite C. Anderson

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Nice courage poem... you can read my poem I'll be back