i walked through the valley
where i caught a bright new day
my whole world was all free of gray
only blue skies cover my liberty

at a noon day call
i got this crazy thing and so small
i tried to lay it in the wide hall
but i learned it overflows on the wall

i searched for several ways
to assess the leaking fence
but the solution losses its gains
and i already spent all the means

another thing called me then
said leave that chaos before losing patience
and i agree to that calling
the new path now is begining

but when i stop
i happen to look back
then i saw a stumbling block
which hinders my feet to pursue my plot

i found myself falling
but it seems i am still hanging
on this ridiculous and crazy feeling
oh when will i be free from this thinking.


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lovely cogitations, a heart felt emotion woven poetically

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4,8 out of 5
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