Hanging Stars

Poem By Christopher Findlay

In my ideal world we are both perfect for each other.
You're the perfect girl for me and I'm the perfect guy for you,
You're perfect in your own eyes and see just why
I love you.

You're beautiful. You just can't see...

I could see you perfectly.
I saw the way you smiled at me
But didn't see how you could be -
The way you kept your thoughts from me.
I didn't get why you'd got me? Of everyone you'd chosen me
But you chose not to let me in,
Chose not to tell me anything.
You said I wouldn't understand but you never gave me the chance.

I get it now.

It's taken me till now to realise
The way you saw yourself
Through your eyes.
Those beautiful brown eyes...

I could see right through your eyes,
Transparent in your headboard lights -
Stars on string all hanging high.
The room where we would always lie
Staring in each others eyes,
Talking, and not telling lies.
I really meant it when I said
'I love you'
Lying in your bed
Smiling at you, kissed your head.
I knew I had to leave but I would rather stay instead, with you,
Inside your room,
Inside your bed
With star-lights dangling overhead.

Ironic that I always felt alive when my heart would stop dead,
From seeing you see me with your amazing glowing eyes
That see the good in everyone you meet.

My father parked outside to meet me!
Hurried I would fumble,
Making louder noise than Dumbo,
Trying not to wake your mum though
As I leave and as I stumble
Turning around to see your face,
Again I'd smile and I would race back once again to touch your glowing face -
From glowing lights that hang in place.

I never want to leave this place.

In my ideal world that's where we'd be -
Inside your room,
Just you
And me,
Where I'm the perfect guy for you
And you're the perfect girl for me.


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