Hanging Words Got No Respect

Customer is equal to God
Try never to him you nod
Treat them with patience
He is not an outsider to our business

Gandhi quoted the words
And they hanged them on wall boards

I saw an old man forgot to fill a field
Throwing it away, officer started to scold

Standing next to him, I was staring at those lines
Could not understand meaning of hanging them hence

Better to clear that board hanging against the wall
And consider to put the instructions on how to fill
Doesn't it help them to save some time and words
And turning themselves to complete turds?

Why to name a man as father of the nation
When his words are of no value in any organization?
Why to hang those words of his on the walls
Unless to insult him by yelling at customers?

*When I went to a bank, an old man from a near village was getting scolded by an officer for not filling the form correctly.He threw it away and went on to ignore the old man even after I helped him to fill the form.I could not do anything but simply stare at those beautiful words hanging against the wall, appearing as if suicidal....

by AnilKumar Sharma

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