CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)


Come downs are when I'm at my worst
I think about the stupid decision I made when I was drunk
When I was brave
And look at me now, bruises on my legs from being 'the most awesome host ever'
So tired of people 'seeing' me with such open ears but closed eyes
I was a good trip, I made people laugh
And everyone told me that I looked like a million bucks
He knew it too, and I did'nt even have to say a thing.
For the first time in my life I won.
I'm feeling better now.
Am so tired my eyes are blurred, but I still think I should take those sleeping tabs Lolly gave me today, the tabs she gave me when she told me that he hit her again.
I did'nt say anything, but I wondered if it hurt as much when she was coked up?

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wow..i relate to so many of your poems. you do so well. i love the poems that don't rhyme. they have such a powerful impact ya know. very real
a poem dealing with life lived in the trenches powerful stunning but most of I enjoyed your looking inward where your true self dwells a wonderful poem