Poem By James Edwards

'You, who do you hate? '
'What? '
'Who do you hate? '
'No one'
'Who do you hate? '

I hate owls in the night
And those who laugh with all might
And the thorns of red roses
And drug overdoses

I hate the right wing and left wing
And airplanes
that sit me between
Somewhere and nowhere
And nothing is, as it seems

I hate rift rafts, and pattywack,
Aint no one giving this dog a bone
I hate democrats and elephants
and the faceless of the phone

I hate 7 a.m.
And 8 a.m.
Alarm clocks
And writers block
Crystal clear with Everclear
I hate all keys that need locks

I hate commands
And on-demand
Whatever happend to chance?
If fate's a fairytale
With a hapless trail
Then I hate it if it leads to romance

I also hate passion
And war
And chores
Love and the mind
The uncertainty of time.....
Never to be intertwined
With the dreams of Einstein

Yet my hate is deeper.

It stems from red-roses
And takes what your voice is
It shows you a path
that carries no choices

When the night becomes day
And the day is like sand
When you try to hold on
As it slips through the hand

Forgetting the Melody
Of an old classic song
And losing the thought
As it travels the toungue

When the mirror becomes empty
And whiskey loses taste
The sting of affection
Soften to waste.

And, in the darkest of times
the Light is too bright,
To see the other side
Of a dream that still fights.

'This my friend,
is when it takes over,
The beginning and end
Of a constant Hangover'

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