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Hanky's Christmas

Hanky was an Elfling
That worked on Santa's sleigh
He worked all night and shined it bright
For Santa on Christmas day

Hanky wanted a sleigh ride
But Santa he said no
Your to small and not that tall
You would blow away I know

Hanky tried everything
But there was nothing he could do
He was the smallest elf of all
He could fit in someone's shoe

But then Rudolph came one day
Said I have such a cold
With these stuffy eyes I can't see a thing
Not the glow at the end of my nose

I thought long about it
And I know what I can do
Hanky would you ride in my ear
And give me directions too

This made Hanky happy
A reindeer had found a way
To go with Santa on his ride
But not ride in that sleigh

Now each year when Christmas comes
Hanky gets to go
He rides in the ear of one reindeer
And they all love Hanky so.

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