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Hannibal's Lecture A Cautionary Tale
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hannibal's Lecture A Cautionary Tale

She was pretty clean and neat
from her head to her bare feet.
The kind of girl to whom I cater.
She looked good enough to eat.
so I did I cooked and ate her.

Now she has become part of me.
Although perhaps you won’t agree
I did the only thing I could
I made a maiden fricassee
I have to say she tasted good.

My given name is Hannibal
an unasham’ed cannibal.
I see no reason to waste meat
I am convinced that after all
Fresh human flesh is good to eat.

I was locked up but I broke free
as I think rather cleverly.
I prowl the streets in search of prey.
There is no prison can hold me.
Maybe you’ll meet me one fine day.

I do look rather ordinary
There’s nothing visible to see
to mark me out from other men
I tell you confidentially
That I intend to feast again.

Perhaps I have selected you
to be one of the chosen few
To satisfy my appetite,
to braise or roast or make a stew.
To dine upon tomorrow night

But do not worry you won’t know.
I’ll kill you with a single blow
I don’t believe in cruelty
I’ll kill you quick but cook you slow.
Enjoy you Gastronomically

Although recognise my name
I am quite certain when I claim
That should we meet one day by chance,
as part and parcel of life’s game
I would not rate a second glance.

This is the key to my success
I do not dress up to impress.
So should I ask you out to dine
there is no chance that you might guess
That the pleasure will be all mine

I’m Hannibal the Cannibal
a predatory animal
I find the taste of humans sweet
To you its reprehensible
to me you are a source of meat.

I dare to break this strict taboo
which makes me different from you
I see no reason for the ban
Although you may deny it’s true
but man has always preyed on man.

Now who am I to change the rules?
although they are not taught in schools.
I believe that they should be
If only to protect the fools.
From roving predators like me.


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