Hansel showed his little finger
but decided still to linger
in the home-made bamboo cage.
Gretel thought she could engage
the old witch in idle talk,
give the boy a chance to walk.
But the flaw in the equation
was that Hansel was an Asian,
thus he had to pay a price
just to find some long-grain rice.

In the black Bavarian Woods
live small men with crimson hoods,
but they eat Black Forest Ham
also sausage made from lamb.
Pudding, black, and Sauerkraut
is the fare for every snout,
only witches offer soy,
Hansel was an Asian boy.

Thus it proves to all and Pete
it comes down to what you eat.
Munch, in little boy's disguise
lightly fried Black Forest mice.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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And Hansel deserves a decent feeding just like any other person in the world.