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CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)


Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

We had a bad start

But I’m impress coz you’re so damn smart

You knew so well what to do

To make me not hate you

So you continue to do the talking

And me, quietly listening

Till it got more interesting

That we wonder to whom we were chatting

Then you asked for a name

And I did the same

Shixia my nick I said

But you game me a lie instead

It wasn’t meant I know

Coz it really show

But then a lie is a lie

And it really made me sad and cry

I cried for a simple reason

It flowed like a rainy season

Then I started to panic

Given all the nick, why mine you pick

I started to get really sick

That made me very weak

So, I tried to relax slowly

And convince myself not to worry

For a while I got scared

Because of what I shared

But then an assurance you gave to me

That everything will be between you and me

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