someone advice me to be optimistic
As I was a bit pessimistic
It teaches to be hopeful
At first I fill great full
In the short duration
I was able to settle my feeling like sand in decantation
My life changed by that idea
But slowly original form came out
As my hope were loud.......
Suddenly I was frustrated
As my hope get insulted
Happiness changes in sadness
With that broken heart
I was speechless.
I dreamed a lot being optimistic
But what happen? I was cheated
Before I was good never betrayed
Nobody would broke my heart
As I would have no hope to be in that art
Now I am shame
Why I run towards that frame?
It's my entire fault
Now I am insult
Now again I have to climb up a stair
Because I was kicked and I am down here
By leaving being optimistic
Learning being pessimistic.

by amar ghimire

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This poem is about a man as he grapples with the uncertainty of whether life is ordained (determined by a God) or if things happen by chance (hap) . He wishes that a God were responsible for his struggles and suffering so that he could blame it on someone. As it is, he has nowhere to direct his anger (ire) .
it is really wonderfull. it is related wı th the chance, should look ı nto this poem.