Hapax Legamenon

Keats put "Negative Capability"
To a quickening, significant use
But I have found eerie nativity
Of mischievous nonchalance in malice
Pretense, the place where I alog procacious,
Where resides so much shameless insolence
That such people would make deleterious
And chill the superfine intelligence.
Their indifferent attitude would make
Even, "positive capability"
Seem poor, An ugly stance clearly they take.
Insouciance gives a lie to Shakespeare
Whose superb observation they lavish
Needlessly on themselves, insult "springsphere",
Littly realizing what the bard said
One good deed dying tongueless slaughters a
Thousand following it' Catafalque eh!
Embellishing a man already dead !
This is the "hapax legamenon "lone
Instance of mangled man to world unknown.

by Madukar Wadikar

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