Happiest Is He Under A Lone Sunbeam

Poem By Mark Heathcote

'What the soothsayer says.
Love is effortless as a dream'.
Say' what he wants, love's neither
Childs play, nor as easy, as it seems…

It's not ever easy or effortless.
Though we've all wished, it was…
O' I've taken; love for granted:
And, loves heart now seesaws.

Every, action, word, and thought, is
Pivotal too our needs, and demands.
Such demands are melancholic.
Chores; no lover, understands.

'Whatever; the soothsayer says.
Love is not an effortless dream'.
That's why he enjoys the hermit's life
Happiest is he under a lone sunbeam.

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Relationships- can't live with'em, can't live without'em.

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