CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Happily Ever After

Once upon a lifetime ago,
That now seems so far away; it almost feels as though a dream.
My world was once filled with happiness,
With Love, trust, loyalty and completeness.
I felt the energy of life and inner peace within my soul.
To add to this picture, were my beautiful friends and family.
I had found the person, who gave back to me,
The belief in truly good people,
I wanted to share the rest of my life with him.
Out of this love and happiness, came the choice,
To bring the joy of a child into our world,
To create a bond that will never be broken.
The ending was supposed to say –
“And they lived happily ever after”.
This I live no more!
Only to be left with hurt, sadness, betrayal, guilt and the
Overpowering weight of depression.
This darkness now clouds my world.



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