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Happines Loves............Me Cry!
NC (14 November 1982 / Chandigarh)

Happines Loves............Me Cry!

Askin for Perpetuation of love in my life
Oh no, why are u jokin
actually my heart a frozen iceberg
Strolling aloof in the sea
Sea of emotions, sea of lonely cries

Wishing me Happiness
then you have to make a guess
Can earth and sky ever meet
Never, I won't be happy ever

Setting me in appreciations
please rethink your decision
I have been a mule
used until my life's ray strolled to depreciation

Ever thought of givin recognition
off my efforts
Than you better leave it
I have been in restrains, In fetters
Been a naive,
Never been raised for my efforts
For my hard work

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