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# Happiness
MA (March 27,1951 / India)

# Happiness

Poem By Mamta Agarwal

I am no Christ, Buddha or Gandhi
Or a wandering fakir or sanyasi.
I am an ordinary human being,
If someone slaps me
I cannot turn the other cheek.
I don't think it makes me weak.

I find it difficult to walk
On the eight fold path.
I have no lofty mission
To free mankind of suffering.

If I can make one person smile,
It makes me feel satisfied.
For I can not spread happiness and cheer,
If I am miserable and full of fear.

I cannot be totally selfless,
And efface my identity.
I owe it to myself to love me,
I don’t care if others feel

I am selfish.
Happiness is not something
You can achieve
Merely for the asking.

With experience you will find
It is a state of mind,
You attain when you make peace
With what is.

Once the awareness comes,
You are no longer feverish and
Others naturally feel comfort
In your company.

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Comments (5)

'If I can make one person smile, It makes me feel satisfied'..I agree with you, we cannot be perfect but we can try to be better..to try to make the world a little shinier by our deeds.Only giving can make the person happy even if we are selfish sometimes, but it is just a human...10+
mamtaji, mahabharata says: happiness is th result of good conduct...
though at present I cannot fully agree with you, , what u have written is the ultimate reality.......no one follows us when we die, only the fruits of our good and bad deeds(Punya & Papa) . A great poem indeed.
very true and Human...benevolent too...as mr. Harris mentioned we can relate it to ourselves....again great thinking....
Mamta, this is a real gem to find. I can relate to everything you have said within this poem. A real sparkling gem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David