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Happiness Written 4-19-08 Fixed 5-29-08
Happiness I long for
A smile upon my face
No Tears in my eyes

Sunshine on my face
The wind in my hair

Florida is the place
Roller coasters that make you sway when you walk
Amusement Parks for the Thrill seekers
Beaches for miles long

Tanned skin I will have
Memories to make
Summer weather to take
Days in the sun
Nights in the pool
It’s an amazing place to be

Longing for happiness and I may have found it in the Florida sun
A new beginning a smile on my face
Could this be the start of something great?

We were reconnected after seven years
His mom found me on myspace
That day was just another day to me
Same shit different day

I logged on to myspace
Tears filled my eyes with the first sentence
Hi, I think you may be the sister of my son Jeff Holt

Jeff is my twenty one year old brother that I haven’t heard from or seen in seven years
With just four Hours
I knew he’d make a good brother
He’ll always be here for me
One of the many great things he said

I found out so much
About to give up hope on finding my siblings
Rebuilding the family that was destroyed
Fixing my parents mistakes

Happiness is near by
It’s in the clouds
And in my future
Depression won’t lie here
Pain replaced with love
Anger released into the air
Happiness will lie here

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