For My Lover

While you were asleep
my heart was wide awake
it summoned my pen
i'd go out in the balcony
pull a rag -sit on it legs crossed
then there on my knees i'd place my diary
pen touched paper
and with it i felt you close
in my heart thumping as stanzas
were sired by the thought of you
i'd look up in the sky and there
i saw stars shining brighter
reading my poem to you
then i watched them pull closer
i'd drift to counting them
and give up as there were many
and it felt like deja vu
then it hit my mind
that when boredom knocked
i'd open a chapter of count of reasons i love
and these too were many
thus the merry in my heart

by Pen Anthony

Comments (2)

I love this all the wine and the shades pop out in your talking
It even comes to the boulder in the perpetual shade of pine barrens, to rain falling on the open sea, to the wineglass, weary of holding wine. - ITALIAN: Arriva perfino per il masso all'ombra perpetua dei Barrens, per la pioggia che cade in mare aperto, per il bicchiere, stanco di contenere il vino.