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DEG (November 26,1986. DOB / Jamaica (Trelawny))


School is done and I don't know what to do
My girl told me that,
' I am breaking up with you'
At this moment I thought she was joking
Then at the same time, I found myself choking
She opened up
And felt sorry for me
I was happy, happier than I ever be
She turned to me and started crying
She said, ' I love you too much, and I aint lying'
She said, ' I know you D, you have alot of girl',
Then you come and tell me I am # 1 in your world
I really hate this way of life,
I don't want to be a girlfriend
I want to be a wife
Right this moment she had me thinking
What would happen if my life begin sinking
She was my girl and I loved her too
And I liked the way when she shout out ' boooo'
She was right about everything
So we settled and gave each other our ring
In the chapel was where everything went down
She was walking down the aisle in the most beautiful gown
From that day on I had changed my life
I stopped fooling around, and settle down with my wife
Now that we find our own place
There's not a minute that I don't look at her face
Since love is kind
And love is true
Treating your girl right is the best you can do.

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