Knowledge gives humbleness
Humbleness gives worthiness,
From worthiness comes wealth,
From wealth , religiosity,
and from religiosity, happiness.
(Translated from Sanskrit)

by Upendra Majhi

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A short but highly expressive poem on happiness! Loved reading this beautiful write.....10
This is crystallized wisdom......! The more one learns, the more one understands how much more to be learnt and that knowledge is like a receding horizon. This knowledge makes him humble and humility adds to his worthiness!
I agree in the fact that simplicity creates happiness and coming to know the self via spiritual practice. Not western religion. This I believe fuel all the world's problems. Good written poem! It has cause me to wonder deeply about the true depth of happiness.
very nice poem...........
a poem of a possible way to find that fleeting human thing called happiness? .........well written.