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Happiness eludes me.
I chase after it in firsts, highs, greats, excellents.
Puff…it vanishes. It is fractions
Of seconds, tiny, invisible, gone.
I find it in compliments, smiles, laughs;
There it goes again.

I find it in love, the fractions
Are endless, it seems, repeated
So often that I think I have found it. For good.

No. It escapes again.

Every day I am gathering fractions,
Words, smiles, laughs, compliments,
Firsts, highs, greats, excellents,
Fractions, all fractions, they become smaller
And smaller, and I am left stranded.

Brave new world, show me your face,
Show me a new me.
Without the greats, the highs, the firsts,
Show me happiness.

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Comments (3)

I hope your fractions soon add up to a whole! Nice work. Jx.
Cool cool poemo Liz. All the best Roger
its good th efirst bit is lyk a chase... can u read my poems pleaz tell me if theyre good thanks