Happiness (A Tanka)

Sometimes it flutters
Gaily round my sparkling smiles
Like a butterfly;
Sometimes it glides in the air
Like soap bubble- Touch- It pricks!

by asma bahrainwala

Comments (5)

Within a few you have captured the essence of happiness. The images of butterfly and soap bubble are so apt. Very well written poem. Thanks for sharing
Aesthetically enshrined.
Light, airy, fragile - the nature of happiness in just 23 words. Very well done!
Wonderful piece on happiness Asma.........superb! ..................Diane
Hey Asma, Where were you all these days? Nice to see you back on PH. This is a lovely tanka. Very well-crafted. And an amazing use of images here. A delicate butterfly and a fragile soap bubble. Happiness can either be as beautiful as a butterfly or as illusory and transcendental as a soap bubble. Very well-said. Love, Reuben.