Letters Of Fire

Every letter is fire
Every sentence is a river
Full of fire
Flowing deep into the sky
Where God lives in happiness
With His angels.

The poet breathes with fire
Composes with fire
He burns the eternity
When God smiles.

Letters of fire fly
To the limitless space
The poem reaches the throne of God
And appears as a poet
He asks the God
Are you playing with war?

by Ershad Mazumder

Comments (14)

Like kisses, soon all joys are gone! - joys fleet away, and come back again in some other form. No worries!
The purest rapture! Thanks for sharing.
LAST PART: Privy Councilor of the duchy of Saxe-Weimar. How pretty job must that be. I congratulate also to the great family of JW Goethe in Germany and around the world. He was a true genius! A myriad of 10´s for this Classic Poem Of The Day! May your soul R.O.P. Johann!
WOW! THE famous and well known german poet JW von Goethe. First my heartiest congratulations as Classic Poem of The Day, last year too, same date same month, fantastic choice PH and Team! The author of the scientific text Theory of Colours, his influential ideas on plant and animal morphology and homology were extended and developed by 19th century naturalists including Charles Darwin. He also served at length as the
Passage of time whittles what bliss was had sometimes.
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