Wide Open The Rest Is Up To You

brand new beginning old stories shit turns into old ass glories
hold back what was never given to you
wish you where in other situations then when they come you tend to hold back an put it all on hold
use to old habits never seem to have enough of it
gone off the negative vibes no real reason to try anymore
face seeming to always hit the floor
continued closed doors an no more freedom to really think
minded blinded by hurt confusion
the stress an tension hold you back from the new an fresh
being blessed and giving an opportunity to change
the chose is all up to you if you want to or if you don't
mind set on other options rather then the one right in front of you

by Sarrah Garibay

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Like kisses, soon all joys are gone! - joys fleet away, and come back again in some other form. No worries!
The purest rapture! Thanks for sharing.
LAST PART: Privy Councilor of the duchy of Saxe-Weimar. How pretty job must that be. I congratulate also to the great family of JW Goethe in Germany and around the world. He was a true genius! A myriad of 10´s for this Classic Poem Of The Day! May your soul R.O.P. Johann!
WOW! THE famous and well known german poet JW von Goethe. First my heartiest congratulations as Classic Poem of The Day, last year too, same date same month, fantastic choice PH and Team! The author of the scientific text Theory of Colours, his influential ideas on plant and animal morphology and homology were extended and developed by 19th century naturalists including Charles Darwin. He also served at length as the
Passage of time whittles what bliss was had sometimes.
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