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Happiness In Green

In my memory stand
The visits to my village far away
Its fields and the lovely meadows,
Where life is peaceful and gay.

In my memory stands
The tree stump behind the barn
That made me feel so sad
As I see in my mind’s eye
It, as the big tree it had been.

Now the stump gave me a place to sit
To hear how it had been hit
And cut away above the knee
By men, selfish and mean.

I heard and felt sad
And so did the cloud above.
As we watched, the stump and I,
The sky turned dark
And the cloud began to weep.

Tears dropped down making mejump
Glad was I, glad was the stump
Man had not been kind
But the cloud above did mind.

Behind the barn still stands,
The stump, now a tree again

Reborn, no doubt,
Helped by a drizzle to sprout
- Waiting for my visit.

Upright it stands, happy in green
Waving its arms to me
-A warm welcome indeed.

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