NC (May 1,1988- / Flint, Michigan, USA)

Happiness Is A Warm Spoon

Lets just say:
I wake up,
unhinging my jaw
for that permanent grin.
A symbol that I deal in
happiness from a
street corner
where no church
could call it a sin.
Putting my serotonin
to the test-but only
after its been bagged
and sold to the
sad, sober, depressed.
You need a fix?
I got laughter and hugs
by the 20 sack.
Customers rave about
popping grins like
their tic tacs,
dropping smiles by
the double stack.
Lets just say that
if this was a song
the chorus would refrain
from saying anything new.
No moral to be learned,
just love rolled then burned.
Trust me,
if sadness, envy or pain rule your life,
then happiness is your drug of choice.
So come on down,
try some joy,
just buy this
and when you're through
i promise bliss.

by Nic Custer

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