- Happiness Is...(Part Two)

Kids do the cutest things...

I say to my daughter
'Daddy wants to sleep now'
The little one, of 22 months, says 'Not me! '
Shaking her head vigorously
My daughter wants to crawl under my covers
So I let her
She climbs on the bed
When Mommy enters, she says
'Come on, Daddy wants to sleep'
Her answer 'Ok, fine, I promise! '
Mommy laughs
And leaves
Just as she exits
My daughter exclaims 'Lights Mommy! '
So Mommy again laughs
Turns out the lights
Then after a minute or so
She gets up
Gives me a kiss
Climbs down the bed
And leaves me
And says 'Goodnight sweet dreams! '

Ask me what Happy is
This, This is Happy

by Ronberge (anno primo)

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That was priceless! I love it! Lylyanna