Happiness-Not For Me

Happiness is where everyone wants to be.
Being happy makes you feel all giddy inside.
People try to make me happy,
But they can't.

Why do I have to be happy 'all the time? '
I can't do it.
No one can.
Happiness is not for me.

You might see me smiling,
But I'm faking it.
You might see me jumping off of walls,
But I'm still not happy.

Stop forcing me to put a smill on my face!
Can't you see that I'm hurt inside?
Why can't you see that?
Don't you ever listen to me?

You think you know whats going on in my life,
But you don't!
People say that they are trying to help me,
But they can't!

Just leave me alone!

Alone.........Destroyed.............Why me?

If you only knew.................

by Emma Pennington

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