Fragrance Of Her Body

Her back is turned towards me, my hands upon her hips
The scent she wore, a womans heady wine,
My touch upon her silken skin, so soft my fingertips
As her body nestled closer into mine.

My arms, they now encompass her, wrapped gently, so sublime,
My cheek upon the softness of her hair,
The fragrance of her body, pressing firmer into mine,
Caused a whisper of my love, I did declare.

The night it passed so slowly, within my lovers arms,
The love we made, so sweet, so soft, so pure,
A tenderness, so beautiful, so loving were her charms,
I was captive to her sensual soft allure.

by Laurie hill

Comments (5)

the most interesting line in the poem for me? - 'so tender, almost true.'
There is much to be said for human connection no matter how temporary it always provides that warmth on a cold lonely night the passing moment which just for an instant is perfect and true. A sweet, tender, and loving poem.
Beauty comes in the fragile night when tenderness is accidentally found.
A wonderful balance of love (and life) and death. The heat of passion and the cold of snowflakes. Excellent poem. Julia
Hitting some high notes on the wailing saxaphone of after midnight blues- notes drifting fading into snowflakes nice job of juggling your great romantic heart with the gritty riding the subway of hard love railway