Crossing The Pathway

You never know who you are going to find
When you are crossing the pathway
There might be people that you know
And some that you don't even know

by Aldo Kraas

Comments (5)

the most interesting line in the poem for me? - 'so tender, almost true.'
There is much to be said for human connection no matter how temporary it always provides that warmth on a cold lonely night the passing moment which just for an instant is perfect and true. A sweet, tender, and loving poem.
Beauty comes in the fragile night when tenderness is accidentally found.
A wonderful balance of love (and life) and death. The heat of passion and the cold of snowflakes. Excellent poem. Julia
Hitting some high notes on the wailing saxaphone of after midnight blues- notes drifting fading into snowflakes nice job of juggling your great romantic heart with the gritty riding the subway of hard love railway