Happiness (Reconsidered)

Is a clean bill of health from the doctor,
And the kids shouldn't move back home for
more than a year,

by Judith Viorst Click to read full poem

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When I was twenty-one, But it's turning out to be What happiness is. so beatful happiness could be I wish to eat PLUM ICECREAM
Happiness is what happens when love sings?
i hate this so much i really wish i could burn this poem
Love it
Great poem, love it!
One of the best poems at this site. You must be reader of good poetry. You create wonderful imagery. I am going to read your other poems.
(Happiness (Reconsidered) by Judith Viorst.) **A fine visual of happiness.
That's a very nice poem. i am really taking in by your style of writing.
That woman can make you smile at the verities of life... regardless of our upbringing, regardless of our different trials, some things we share and one of them is an appreciation of this woman's warmth and humor
happiness is free from all bar regards
I couldn´t remember the meaning of that word. Thanks.