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Happiness Through The Next Door
RD (19/04/1983 / Manchester, United Kingdom)

Happiness Through The Next Door

Poem By Robert Dunbar

In the last few months you have been through so much heartache,
But the sun will shine again when the clouds finally break.

If I could take all the pain and unhappiness away from you I would in a heart beat,
Life will get better for you, at the moment it just seems an impossible feat.

I admire you for the way you have dealt with everything life has thrown at you,
And no matter what people say, at this moment its understandable you will feel the way you do.

Just know that you have people who care for you and who are always here,
To pick you up when you are down and to be there when you need to shed a tear.

Even with everything your going through yourself, you still find time to help your friends and family,
And I really can’t understand how you find the strength and motivation but you do so amazingly.

I hope one day soon life gives you everything you want and deserve and more,
For every brick wall we are faced with in life there is always happiness through the next door.

You truly are a warm and loving person, and that’s something no one can every take away,
I hope your life is absolutely wonderful, and it gets more enjoyable every single day.

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