A Small Tiny Bee

A small tiny bee
Moves around on sea
Looking for something…
Silver container might be!

One day that was its home
Had spent its great moments there
Came here for the same
After loitering here and there

On an other day the Prince
Caught it out to marry the princesses
It was taken care then, hence
A signature of love and pompous

The prince died as king
And the bee looted by time
Neglected form the next breed
Left the palace in shame

It traveled a lot to search its home
Wanted to take rest to hang boredom
Eying on human in search of prince
In fear of death if it get sink

How long will it stay?
As it became old
All you help it out
As the granny told

Let’s put hand together
Take it into the water
Search and open its container
Its home is its nectar.

by Aditya Pratap Nayak

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For innocent minds, every simple opportunity or gain is matter of joy. That is the pleasure of contented soul. Thanks for sharing
I think of this poem when I remember my daughter, age 3, refusing to remove her new Mary Jane shoes when she went to bed, the expression on my grandson's face, age 4, when he put on his new cowboy vest. I think of this poem often when something small - an unexpected kindness, a generous word - makes me happy.