Poem Hunter
(12-05-1990 / Hull)


Poem By Danny, James Archer

The roundness of its neverending circle of light,
the harshness of the neon orange glow,
the colour it brings to our colourless lifes,
the disapointment it illuminates on a daily basis.

Tomorow will come and a lightless but truthful world will fall apart
our loveless life will crash to make waay for the lies light brings
and she will stand there
and I will forget all the 'views' I have just displaced

Winter was the most honest time until I was lost.
The rest of the world is crumbling and im 'HAPPY' for the first time
apauled by my apparant bliss I look again at the face and im falling
once again from MY life, the one I beleive in.

You may give me strenth, but my concepts sink
and my ideas are on the brink
I look alive and finally say
the light brings lies, 'I love your eyes! ! '

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I like this one Mr Archer. Keep up the good work