Happy 90th - Abram!

It's a day we shall sing and be merry.
take a seat on the afternoon ferry.
Now Victoria bound
through a maritime sound.
There he is, with a small glass of Sherry.

Happy Birthday I say to the chief,
number 90 is just one more leaf
in the book that you wrote;
well you DO have my vote,
that I SHALL keep this limerick brief.

Let me guess, you are NOT eating cake?
In a pinch though you'd take a small flake.
With your nose in a book
and that far-away look,
all the gray cells are wholly awake.

So, from all of us, Happy Returns.
You can watch as the Mafia crowd learns
what you knew to be true....
and I'm sending to you
a bouquet of wildflowers and ferns.

Do I have, at this point, your attention?
If I do let me make special mention
of your open and kind
and most erudite mind,
(which is still not quite set for the pension) .

by Herbert Nehrlich

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