KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Happy Anniversary

Once there was a girl
She did sure rule the world
While growing up she wandered far
She thought she new her destiny
Learned there was still more to see
Back at home there was a boy
Never left his roots
He was looking too
For something that
For Love he couldn't say
Although they were apart
Strangers from the womb
Stars were sending out signals
Their time was coming soon
This girl came back from her journey
To a place she once belonged
Baggage left behind
Seeking out the moon
Coincidence came about
The boy and girl did meet
They began to listen to their hearts
Not just routine beats
Days went by with sunshine
Nights it sometimes rained
Lightning lit the path
Thunder made them play
Now they are together
Not for just a bit
While learning Love together
A secret was amidst
Appreciate your story
Listen to the winds
A child will come to them soon
This love will never end

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A nice narration of marital love. Thanks