Glass Heart

thought my heart was broken
When you said you didn't want me in your life anymore
But I was wrong.
It didn't break till later
The first time that I saw you with her.

It fell to the pavement
And shattered
Like a large crystal vase dropped from a great height.
Pieces of it flying everywhere
A million rainbow fragments lying in the street.

There was no use trying to collect up the pieces
And glue them back together
I could never reassemble them back into the heart I once had
It would only be some twisted, scarred and ugly thing
So I left it there.

by sharon catley

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Comments (6)

What I thought was infinite will turn out to be just a couple of odds and ends, a tiny miscellany, miniature stuff, fragments of novelties, of no great moment. Beautiful poem. Thanks for the sharing.10 for it.
Way of penning is interesting. Beautifully painted. Thanks for sharing and congratulation for the poem of the day.
Interesting poem. Feel very nice while reading. Wordplay is simply amazing.10+++
The long walk! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
i felt very happy by reading this poem
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