Happy Birthday..! !

Today’s Your Day, So please don’t Frown,
Make Sure that Your no Slave.
Today You Better NOT feel Down,
Your there for me to Save.

You Know I Like it when You Smile,
It Fills me with Delight.
I'd Love to Hug you for a while,
You know this would feel right.

Your one of Strength and Courage too.
I Know you want Much More.
If You want Me then I want You,
Lets take things as they Go.

SO Listen Girl u heard me right,
When i say i can't wait.
Untill the day ure in my sight,
And stopping mine till Late.

So on your birthday think of this,
Your loved from far away.
I'll blow to you a Specail Kiss,
To give me back some day.

by Carl Johnson

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