My Beloved Island Of Guam

In a paradise underneath the sky,
The atmosphere seemingly appears calm;
But there is more to it than meets the eye
On the tiny island I call Guam.

It’s an island that no one seems to know,
Located in the middle of nowhere,
Where the lush palm trees abundantly grow
And the scent of salt permeates the air.

It’s a place where the people are friendly,
And are willing to lend a helping hand;
Greeting you with warm hospitality
In a language you might not understand.

“Hafa adai! ” (Hah-fah-day) a common phrase one might say,
When cordially greeting one another,
Or friendly handshakes—a common display,
Between che’lus, (or “sisters” or “brothers”)

The beloved island I once called home,
Between us, we now seem so far apart;
Though past memories of you I hold dear
Will forever always be near my heart.

by Wyndon Villafuerte

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I have poem also entitled Happy Birthday. A very good write
Happy birthday to you..
A different perspective Vision and mission of life Prized me the age Since my birth in return Thank you for sharing this poem, full of wisdom, like a beautiful birthday gift one will cherish and turn the page to see it on every birthday.